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2nd Year MBBS Subjects Books

When we talk about the MBBS 2nd Year Books and subjects, there are 4 subjects in total. The main focus is on the Para-clinical and Clinical subjects in the second year. Let’s discuss each subject and its books in detail.

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

MBBS 2nd Year Books - Forensic medicine and Toxicology are concerned with autopsy where the doctor needs to figure out the timings and cause of death by examining the body parts and the toxins that caused the death if any.

A very interesting subject as it deals with different kinds of harmful chemicals that affect the human body in different ways and the tests and medicines relevant to each one of them.

The tests that are conducted under Toxicology are majorly stemmed out of 3 areas:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Drugs and
  3. Toxins
There are different heads under which Toxicology is taught in MBBS 2nd Year Books:
  1. General Toxicology: This consists of the history, definition, and overview of the subject.
  2. Clinical Toxicology: You're taught different types of drugs, their symptoms, and their treatments.
  3. Environmental Toxicology: In this head, you’re taught about environmental implications on the human body and medico-legal foundations of environmental affects on the human body.
  4. Analytical Toxicology: The practical application and management of toxicology along with control and prevention measures.
This 2nd year MBBS subjects books will give you an in-depth understanding of:
  • Different types of poisons like Corrosive poisons, Irritant non-metallic poisons, Metallic poisons, Agricultural poisons, Animal poisons, Somniferous poisons, Delirient poisons, Spinal & peripheral nerve poisons, Vegetable poisons, Cardiac poisons, etc.
Recommended MBBS 2nd Year Books


MBBS 2nd Year Books - It is the study of microbes and the illness caused by them in the human body. There are 2 themes in microbiology, the first is Basic Microbiology and the second is Applied Microbiology. It is essentially the study of microorganisms.

Knowledge of this subject has to lead us to determine whether the food is good or bad to eat in long as well as short terms. We wouldn’t have been able to determine the best-before date on food items.

This Second year Mbbs books will give you an in-depth understanding of:
  • Major infectious agents
  • Investigate diagnosis of infectious diseases.
Recommended Books


Mbbs second year books - Pathology is not just concerned with blood testing. It is a subject that deals with way beyond that. It is a study of disease and how it evolves on a cellular level.

This 2nd year MBBS subjects books will give you an in-depth understanding of:
  • Concepts of how changes in cells affect the organs and tissue in the human body.
  • Blood testing and analysis and conducting clinicopathological procedures.
  • Knowledge of immunological disorders
  • Understand the process of collection, handling, and dispatch of clinical samples
Recommended Books


Mbbs second year books - This is the study of drugs, their nature effects, and how to deal with them. Pharmacology consists of many branches but there are 2 major branches:

  1. Pharmacokinetics
  2. Pharmacodynamics
This MBBS 2nd year subject will give you an in-depth understanding of:
  • How drugs affect the human body on a cellular level.
  • Drug selection for a particular ailment
  • Knowledge of drugs and their doses
Recommended MBBS 2nd Year Books

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