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The Manual of Practical Medicine book has arrived which is integrated with well-curated information and detailed insights about medicine. It can become a great source to procure knowledge associated with practical medicine which introduces a new way to implement the medicine. It helps the medical students and doctors of any field to study every intricate detailing of varieties of medicines, elucidating how all different medicines work with different disorders. This book underpins the interface between practicing medicine and its management. This book is written by Alagappan, R, and published by Jaypee.

 It’s a diversified guide that eminently delineates medicine and its core facts. It also provides an extensive understanding of the preventive measures and management which is the fulcrum of this book. 

Salient Features of Manual of Practical Medicine: 

1. It’s the 6th edition of the series of Manual of Practical Medicine. 

2. It’s a returnable product where you can return your book within 3 days, and you can have your book with quick dispatch. 

3. Author has included high-resolution images and figures with labeling so that readers can have a better understanding by visualization. 

4. Book has many illustrations and pertinent anatomy which aids the readers in obtaining a clear picture of the concepts. 

5. Manual Of Practical Medicine also makes you aware of the fundamentals of the anatomy of practical medicine along with you will also get the pleasure to learn about different diseases. 

6. There are several investigations and case studies that ultimately enhance the authenticity of the book. 

7. Manual Of Practical Medicine has been enriched with a detailed description, tables and drawings, and flowcharts. 

8. The author also maintained separate sections for keeping the key points and crucial information that must not be missed by readers. 


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