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Post BSc Nursing Books

Post-Basic Bachelor of Science Nursing (PB-B.Sc.) is a two-year bachelor's degree aimed at providing a deeper understanding of nursing at a high level. By getting Post BSc Nursing 1st Year books, applicants update their knowledge to provide complete medical care to their patients. Students can acquire both surgical and non-surgical nursing skills and prepare for a variety of real-world clinical and hospital environments.

Post BSc Nursing books help in preparing students to make independent decisions in the care situation and play an important role in treating patients with care and compassion. Post BSc Nursing program's curriculum includes subjects such as maternal nursing, medical and surgical nursing, microbiology, and mental health nursing.  

A wide range of research areas include nursing research and statistical referrals, and scientific methods can be used to solve nursing problems.

The post-BSc program transforms students into industry-trained professionals with a deep understanding of the philosophical goals and responsibilities of professional nursing. 

Eligibility Criteria

To create a Post-Basic B Sc Nursing (Post BSc Nursing) Candidate must have passed Grade 12 or other equivalent exams, and the candidate must have completed a General Nursing (GNM) and Midwifery course. Candidates must also be registered with the relevant State Nursing Council and approved by the Indian Nursing Council.

Post B Sc Nursing 1st Year Subjects Books
Post BSc Nursing 1st Year books are as follows-

  1. Nursing Foundation
  2. Nutrition and Diabetics
  3. Biochemistry and Biophysics
  4. Psychology
  5. Maternal Nursing
  6. Child Health Nursing
  7. Microbiology
  8. Medical-Surgical Nursing
  9. English (Qualifying) 

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The subjects studied in the 2nd year of PB BSc nursing are as follows-

  1. Sociology
  2. Mental Health Nursing
  3. Introduction to Nursing Education
  4. Introduction to Nursing Administration
  5. Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics
  6. Environmental Science 

Best books for preparation of Post Basic B Sc Nursing
Students often get worried about the choice of books that have to buy. There are lots of Post BSc Nursing books available in the market that claims to be the best. But which one is best, that contains the desirable, in-depth knowledge and information is a big question. 

Anyway, here we are providing the list of best Post BSc Nursing books that are best suited for studying Post Basic BSc Nursing. These books are suggested by scholars and previous year students. So let’s find out these books– 

Textbook Of Pathology And Genetics For B Sc Nursing Students

The writer of ‘The Textbook of Pathology and Genetics for Nursing Students is Chitra k and Suma K and the book is published by Jaypee Brothers. The book is easy to read and simple to understand. The topics of genetics and pathology are presented in a very systematic manner. 

Topics such as etiology, pathogenesis, and morphological description of various illnesses are covered as per the syllabus. Each chapter or topic contains self-explanatory diagrams, along with gross and microscopic pictures. Post BSc Nursing books is a well-suited book for theory exam preparation.

Community Health Nursing Record Book for PB BSc Nursing Program

Community Health Nursing Record Book for the B Sc Nursing program is a book written by C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, and S Rathamani and published by Jaypee Brothers. The book provides simple and systematic coursework in the field for undergraduate community health nursing students. 

Updated records are there in this book and it is based on the Indian Nursing Council (INC) curriculum specially organized for the PBS Sc Nursing Program in Second Grade Community Health Nursing. It provides important information and explanations.

Midwifery Casebook For Pb Bsc Nursing 

Midwifery Casebook For PB BSc Nursing is a book written by Jagadesan, Gowri Sayee, Jagadesan, and Gowri Sayee and published by and published by Jaypee. Post BSc Nursing books is specifically focused on improving critical thinking and reasoning skills, competencies, and standards necessary for professional nursing and midwifery practice. 

This casebook is well versed in meeting clinical requirements of the first year of the PB BSc (N), maternity nursing program. It aims to provide broad-based knowledge to build desirable skills and competencies to clear the exams in nursing. 

Solved Examination Series Post B Sc Nursing 2nd Year (PB BSc Nursing) Nursing Education, Sociology For Nurses, Community Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Administration (PB BSc)
It’s a set of five books for five different subjects: Nursing Education, Sociology for Nurses, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Administration, and Mental Health Nursing. Its latest current edition is published by Lotus Publishers. These books contain all sets of solved questions from the previous year's examinations. 

These books also contain true and false, long and short answer questions, match the following, fill in the blanks, difference between, terminology, and many more. It has pre-prepared notes for the topics from the second year of post-basic nursing. Overall, these books suit the great purpose for B Sc Nursing and other Paramedical students. 

Textbook On Psychology For Post Basic BSc Nursing
Textbook On Psychology For Post Basic BSc Nursing is written by Clement and published by Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers. The connection between body and mind is interwoven, connected, dependent, and complicated. 

Every person's mind is different. Each nurse must have a thorough understanding of human psychology and behavior to get the cooperation of each patient and deliver successful, high-quality care. As a result, each nurse should get familiar with the fundamentals of psychology to sympathize with patients' issues. 

This will enable the nurse to better understand patients' illnesses and to integrate, plan, and carry out holistic treatment. Post BSc Nursing books contain all the knowledge nurses require to complete the psychological part of their coursework. 

Textbook On Introduction to Nursing For PB BSc Nursing Students

  • Textbook on Introduction To Nursing For PB BSc Nursing Students is written by I Clement and written by Jaypee

  • Nursing education plays an important role in neonatal nurse education, where nurse educators can create quality content that meets the requirements and needs of future nursing education. . 

  • Post BSc Nursing books have been compiled in such a way that meets the requirements of the Nursing Council of India, which instills in the mind the principles and concepts of education, curriculum development, methods, and Teaching facilities.

  • Thus, students can understand and describe the philosophy of nursing, and the principles of nursing education, explain the process and methods of teaching and learning, and learn the administrative aspects of the nursing school. , participate in the planning and organization of a continuing education program, to develop fundamental skills. 

It’s the best book to be advised for guidance, and support to nursing students. The Post BSc Nursing books indicated above can be found on the AIBH website or portal. These books of Post BSc Nursing are wonderful to help you during your preparation and are a real asset.

The book's image-based quizzes and numerous tables simplify and clearly explain complicated subjects. Each section provides a thorough explanation that removes all uncertainty for the candidate. 
The research and case studies included in the aforementioned volumes add to the authenticity of the text. The material of these Post BSc books is simple and succinct and incorporates complex clinical conditions and real-world scenarios.

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