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Epidemiology Books for Medical Students

An Overview:

Epidemiology is the subsection of medical science that deals with the determination of the presence and absence of a particular disorder. It is a detailed field that analyses any specific disease or disorder and how it affects the whole society. It also studies how a particular disorder affects the body system and concomitantly determines all the possible reasons for the preventive measures and medication procedures. 

Somewhat, the epidemiology branch is quite intricate and includes a lot of complications as it depicts the disorder in every aspect which makes it more rewarding and challenging. Also, it incorporates umpteen terminologies and it's always suggestive to first go through all its associated terminology and anatomy which will make your further learning much simpler and easier.

There are some very prominent terms such as incidence which indicates the number of new cases of a particular disorder, a prevalence which suggests the number of existing disorders in a population, cost of illness, and burden of diseases. 

These days, the epidemiology division of the medical domain is getting more familiar and recognized. More students are planning to pursue the same and admissions are also getting transcending which can be seen from the analysis of the past decades. 

Now, the main obstacle is to search for the best and most lucrative epidemiology to get along with this course because books are the initial factor that decides the usefulness of the course. And, this is evident that many pupils struggle to find pertinent books in the market as today, there is a lot of content available in the commercial markets which almost puzzles us.

In this article, we are going to resolve the same issue by mentioning some of the best books which you can follow to pursue epidemiology. At the end of the article, you will have a clear idea regarding what books are to be preferred while doing this course and eventually it will aid you in the long run. 

Some Prominent Epidemiology books for medical students:

 Essentials of Epidemiology: 

This is one of the light and most suggestive Epidemiology books for medical students with regards to epidemiology wherein you will get all essentials and fundamentals for the domain of epidemiology. This is the best book for any beginner as this will give you the exact kick-off that you needed to start with epidemiology. There is no complexity or difficulties involved in the book. It only encompasses the basics of epidemiology in a very simple and easy context. 

The essentials of epidemiology are not monotonous. It also includes all the aspects of catching the attention of a reader. It has many features like images, tables, and a separate set of challenging questions.

This Epidemiology book for medical students will prepare you well to start with the further study of epidemiology. The book is written by Sridhar Rao and published by A.I.T.B.S. Publishers which publishes the best medical books. 

Salient Features of Essentials of Epidemiology:

 1. This edition introduces lots of new attributes which already enhance the level of the book. This book encompasses all the basic aspects associated with epidemiology in a very simple and systematic way. 

2. The visual element is also enhancing the book very well and it will constantly engage the reader to go through each thing in detail. 

3. Essentials of Epidemiology also include a set of questions based on your learning which will help you to evaluate yourself accordingly. 

4. This book is the perfect guide or manual to start with epidemiology as this will guide completely from the scratch.

5. Author has tremendously tried to put the content as simple as possible. 

Basic and Clinical Epidemiology:

Basic and Clinical Epidemiology books for medical students is the most accomplished book which will set your foundations right and firm. It will also help you in understanding the core concepts of epidemiology. 

The book is designed in such a way that all the basic aspects are covered from the perspective of clinical epidemiology. Basic and Clinical Epidemiology not only proves to be lucrative for beginners, instead, it will also brush up professional knowledge and aid them in improvising their expertise. 

This book will pave the way for all the medical students who just started their study in the branch of epidemiology as this is your beginning point to start your epidemiology journey. 

This book is written by Dhikav and published by A.I.T.B.S. Publishers. This is the second edition in the series of Basic and Clinical Epidemiology which brings more advanced features which are not present in its first edition. 

Some of the best features of Basic and Clinical Epidemiology:

1. This book brings its second edition in the chronology of Basic and Clinical Epidemiology.

2. Author has designed it in such a manner that everything is lucid and comprehensive. He explained each concept in an understandable language. 

3. The book has a substantial visual weightage which is the plus point of this book which uniquely allures the reader’s attention.

4. There are countless sections in Basic and Clinical Epidemiology that are further supported by real-life scenarios and instances which foster you to get insights into the topic more quickly. 

5. This Epidemiology book for medical students comprises several flowcharts which help the reader in understanding the flow of concepts for instance that how a particular disorder is affection and impacts our body’s health.

6. There is also a summary of the chapters which you can go and have a quick glimpse of. It always aids you in grasping the topics within a small frame of time.

Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology 4/E- AIBH Exclusive:

Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology is one of the comprehensive manuals of epidemiology that has more advanced concepts and it will also highly improve or advance your learning. 

This book outrightly introduces innovative approaches to future generation students in terms of population health. The author uses a mixed bag of classical instances along with recent case studies to make the concepts more interesting and enchanting. 

The exposition of concepts in Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology book is clear and concise. The authors have very well managed to present or arrange the information which is only necessary and important. 

This Epidemiology book for medical students will be super useful in making you understand the depths of epidemiology and this will be your guide in epidemiology learning. This book is written by Dona Schneider And David E. Lilienfeld and published by Oxford University Press (OUP). 

This is the fourth edition in the succession of Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology and it gains some recognition over the past decades in the domain of epidemiology and has been referred to by many esteemed faculties. This is one of the exclusive AIBH (All India Book House Products).

Salient features of Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology 4/E- AIBH Exclusive:

1. Lilienfeld'S Foundations Of Epidemiology has come up with its fourth edition and along with it brings a lot of additional features which enhance the value of the book. 

2. Author has curated every segment of the book. Though the epidemiology domain itself involves a lot of complications and intricacies, yet authors tried to put in lucid and understandable language. 

3. The Epidemiology books for medical students incorporate a challenging set of question banks that persistently checks your knowledge about different topics and this way you can also evaluate yourself. 

4. Author has compartmentalized the information so that topics will not be mixed up and readers will be impeded from any kind of confusion and bewilderment. 

5. There is an absolute coverage of all the fundamentals of epidemiology which includes measuring health status, attributes of different outbreaks, and designing and constructing epidemiologic studies more comprehensively. 

Oxford Textbook Of Violence Prevention: Epidemiology, Evidence, And Policy 1/E- AIBH Exclusive:

This is also one of the exclusive products available in the AIBH (All India Book House) platform. Oxford Textbook Of Violence Prevention: Epidemiology, Evidence, And Policy is a very fresh topic and its content is also somewhat restricted to limited. But this book will unleash all the associated information about violence prevention based on epidemiology, evidence, and policy. 

This Epidemiology book for medical students will be super useful in making you understand the depths of epidemiology and this will be your guide in epidemiology learning. 

This book is written by Peter D. Donnelly And Catherine L. Ward and published by Oxford University Press (OUP). This is only the first edition of this book and the authors tried to do something innovative and unique with the domain of epidemiology. 

Salient features of Oxford Textbook Of Violence Prevention: Epidemiology, Evidence, And Policy:

1. The book introduces its very first edition and is the returnable AIBH (All India Book House) product.

2. The book has a solid and crisp explanation for different questions in case you are stuck while attempting. 

3. Oxford Textbook Of Violence Prevention provides the diagram and other visualisations support which makes your learning a lot more interesting. 

Final Words:

All the discussed Epidemiology books for medical students in this article are available on the AIBH (All India Book House) which is renowned for its services and book quality. Every book mentioned in this article which was completely dedicated to epidemiology books is recognized as the best which gives you ultimate support in your learning. All the books have been verified and recognized by many experts from the domain.  

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