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MBBS 1st Year Books and Subjects

After clearing NEET, MBBS is a 9-semester course with each semester lasting for a period of 6 months, i.e. 4.5 years followed by a 1 year of internship in addition to the 4.5-year course.

The overall study program is divided into 3 segments for the medical student:

  1. Pre-Clinical
  2. Para-Clinical
  3. Clinical

The first year of MBBS falls in the Pre-Clinical phase of the medical program.

In this article, we are going to discuss MBBS 1st year books and subjects with the complete list to make it easy for you to understand the structure of the course.

Our list of all the 1st year MBBS books will also include the books recommended for reading by AIIMS & NMC.

Although no single book covers everything but only covers a certain or majority of the topics in great depth, you might have to refer to multiple books at a time to cover the complete syllabus.

You will be taught 3 subjects during the first year:


To put it in simple terms, Anatomy teaches the complete internal & external human disposition in detail.

By the end of the Anatomy course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the microscopic structures of various tissues, and organs in the human body and point out any altered state in case of any abnormality caused by a disease,
  • Become familiar with the normal stages of organ/system development.
  • Acquire a structural understanding and relational understanding between various different parts of the nervous system.
The subject of anatomy is taught under 4 heads :
  1. Gross anatomy
  2. Microanatomy
  3. Embryology and Genetics
  4. Neuroanatomy


Following is the list of 1st year MBBS books that students use for Anatomy:

Vols.I, II & III, Oxford University Press
15th edition (1996)
By G.L.Romanes

6th Edition (2000)
Little, Brown & Co.
By R.S. Snell

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
By I.B.Singh

3rd edition (1995)
Williams & Wilkins
By M.H. Ross, E.& L.J Romell, G.I. Kaye

9th International Edition (2000)
By Di Fiore’s

4th Edition (2002)
Jaypee Brother
by Inderbir Singh

8th Edition
Williams & Wilkins
By Jan Langman

7th Edition (1998)
Harper & Row
By Murray L Barr & Keirman

2nd Edition (2000)
Churchill Livingstone
By AR Crossman and D Neary

1st Edition (1998)
CBS Publishers
By A.Halim

6th Edition (2001)
W.B.Saunders Company
By Robert L.Nussbaum, Roderick R.Mc.Innes & Huntington E.Willard

All Volumes
By B. D. Chaurasia

All Volumes
By Vishram Singh

All Volumes
By Dutta

By Henry Gray

By Wheater

  1. Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy
  2. Clinical Anatomy for Medical Student
  3. Text book of Human Osteology
  4. Histology : A text & atlas
  5. Atlas of Histology with functional correlation
  6. Textbook of Human Histology
  7. Medical Embryology
  8. The Human Nervous System : An Anatomical, View Point
  9. Neuroanatomy : An Illustrated Color Text
  10. Surface and Radiological Anatomy
  11. Thomson and Thomson Genetics in Medicine
  12. Textbook of Anatomy
  13. Textbook of Anatomy
  14. Textbook of Anatomy
  15. Gray’s Anatomy for Students
  16. Functional Histology: A text and color atlas


Physiology is the study of how all the human body components function together in the body simultaneously and interact with each other on a macro level.

With this mbbs first year books, you will understand the contribution of each organ system in the proper functioning of the human body, the physiological aspects of growth and development, and grasp the basic concepts of treatments of diseases.

By the end of the Physiology course, you will be able to:

  • Perform physiological experiments to identify and assess the functioning of the human body.
  • Analyze and interpret the collected data.
  • Discern between normal and abnormal data.

Following is the list of Mbbs 1st year books that students use for Physiology:

By R.L. Bijlani

By W.F. Ganong

By A.C. Guyton

By A.K. Jain

By G.K. Pal

By D Venkatesh & H.H. Sudhakar

By Lauralee Sherwood

By B.M. Koeppen & B.A. Stanton

  1. Understanding Medical Physiology
  2. Review of Medical Physiology
  3. Textbook of Medical Physiology
  4. Textbook of Physiology
  5. Textbook of Medical Physiology
  6. Textbook of Medical Physiology
  7. Human Physiology
  8. Berne & Levy Physiology


Mbbs 1st year books - Microbiology explains how stuff works on the molecular level inside the human body. You learn about concepts ranging from human body metabolism to digestion to disorders to the practical application of medicine associated with each disease, among a lot many other things.

By the end of the Biochemistry course, you will be able to:

  • Perform biochemical analysis.
  • Analyze and interpret the collected data.
  • Learn clinical problem-solving and decision-making skillset.
Following is the list of 1st year MBBS books that students use for Biochemistry:

Lubert Stryer. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York.

CBS Publishers and distributors
Ed. Lehinger, Nelson and Cox.

Ed. R.K. Murray, D.K. Granner, P.A. Mayes and V.W. Rodwell.
Appleton and Lange, Stamford, Connecticut.

Wiley-Liss Publishers
Ed. Thomas M. Devlin

W.B. Saunders Company
Ed. Burtis and Ashwood

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Ed. Donald Voet and Judith G. Voet.

5th Edition
Richard A. Goldsby, Thomas J Kindt, Barbara A Osborne, Janis Kuby.

6th Edition
Ivan Roitt, Jonathan Brostoff, David Male.

By Satyanarayan

By Vasudevan

By Satyanarayan

By D.M. Vasudevan

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Principles of Biochemistry
  3. Harper”s Biochemistry
  4. Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations
  5. Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Immunology
  8. Immunology
  9. Carbs, Proteins, and Fat Metabolism
  10. Molecular Biology
  11. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism
  12. Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students

These mbbs first year books and subjects are the very basics of human biology and build the foundation for future medical studies.

Now that we are familiar with the fundamental subject understanding, let's dive deep into how you can start studying these subjects and what are the MBBS 1st year books that are recommended by most professors and students alike.

What are the best ways to purchase MBBS 1st Year books?

There are many ways to purchase 1st year MBBS books. If you want to purchase it online, has a diverse collection of Medical books. You will be able to find any of the above-mentioned MBBS first-year books on our website.

All India Book House is a Retailer, Wholesaler, Importer, and Supplier of Medical Books.

How much does it cost to purchase all the best books for MBBS 1st year?

This depends on a number of factors like your capabilities, your future plans, whether you want to do further studies or not, your hunger for an in-depth understanding of the concepts, etc.

If you plan to study beyond MBBS, you must be clear about which field you want to choose for further studies. Keeping this in mind, you can purchase mbbs first year books with in-depth content for those subjects and acquire a sound understanding of all the topics. Otherwise, a simple textbook that covers all the topics and prepares you enough to clear exams is good.

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