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BDS 2nd Year Books & Subjects

BDS 2nd Year Books & Subjects - The second year of BDS is a very important year. It is the time when the student starts to get an idea of the field of specialization. The 2nd year is more specialized for teaching clinical sciences. So it is essential that you have the right BDS 2nd year subjects for the second year.

But not all of the second year of BDS is tough. And it doesn’t have to be so tough.Here are some of the best books to read for the second year of BDS.

BDS 2nd Year Subjects:

Dental Materials & Metallurgy

Dental Materials and Metallurgy is a subject that furnishes a very practical knowledge of the materials used in dentistry, the principles of metallurgy involved, and the technique of metal working.

It is a well-known fact that dental materials have a very short life and that the skills of the dental mechanic must be continually kept up to date.

Dental Materials & Metallurgy Text Books for BDS 2nd Year:

  • Basic Dental Materials by John J Manappallil
  • Dental Materials Science by Rama Krishna Alla
  • Workbook Of Dental Materials by Tiwari


Pharmacology is a course which is a compulsory subject for BDS 2nd year.

Pharmacology is a subject which deals with the study of drugs, their actions, and their side effects. The study of pharmacology is important as it helps in the treatment of diseases.

Pharmacological knowledge is also important for those who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.

Pharmacology Text Books for BDS 2nd Year:

  • Essentials Of Pharmacology For Dentistry 4/E by Tripathi Kdt
  • Pharmacology For Dental Students by S. B. Shrivastava


Microbiology is a branch of biology that deals with the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is also considered a medical science that focuses on the relationship between microbes and disease.

If you're a student of BDS 2nd year and this subject is related to your syllabus, then you're in right place.

Microbiology Text Books for BDS 2nd Year:

  • Textbook Of Microbiology For Dental Students 6/E by C.P. Baveja
  • Notes On Medical Microbiology For Dental Students by Dr Rajesh Bareja
  • Diagnostic Microbiology For DMLT Students by Kumar De Ranjan

Dental Pathology

Pathology is the study and diagnosis of diseases and conditions by examining and interpreting the tissues and fluids of the body. It is a challenging subject and a lot of students find it difficult to grasp the concepts in a short time.

One year course in Dental Pathology is essential for BDS students, which can help understand the morbidity and mortality of dental diseases.

Dental Pathology Text Books for BDS 2nd Year Books:

  • Harsh Mohan Pathology by Jaypee Brothers
  • Robin’s Pathology (For reference purpose)

Pre-clinical Prosthodontics

The main aim of this subject is to introduce the students to the principles and techniques in prosthodontic treatment. It prepares students for the clinical course which is essential in the BDS 2nd Year.

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is involved in the treatment of the complete oral-facial complex. The theoretical content is mainly focused on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the diseases, disorders, injuries, and deformities of the oral and maxillofacial region.

Pre-clinical Prosthodontics Text Books for BDS 2nd Year:

  • Preclinical Manual Of Prosthodontics, 3E by S Lakshmi
  • Boucher’s Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients by Elsevier
  • Nallaswamy Textbook of Prosthodontics

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