Which books should I read in my Third Year of MBBS?

By Gaurav
27 Jun, 2022

The third year of MBBS is the most peaceful and important. Peaceful because by this year you are aware of the workings and environments of a medical career, which means you are all set for the practical medical career. At the same time, this year is very crucial as in this year you will be able to decide in which branch of medical science you will be practicing. The idea of a future medical practitioner starts firming and taking shape. 

The third MBBS (Final Prof Part-1) is a little different from the MBBS of the last two years. This is because, in addition to PSM, there are two clinical subjects, ENT and ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is the study of the Eye, ENT is focused on the ear, nose, and throat, and community medicine is a subspecialty of medicine that includes extensive epidemiology.  

The only thing that helps in the process is books, so it is very important to know the best suitable 3rd-year MBBS books. As we all know books are man's best friends in every aspect of life,  especially in students’ lives. Here we are going to discuss 3rd-year MBBS books. These books are written and recommended by great authors and scholars. 

MBBS 3rd year books and subjects are given below which are simple to read and understand. So let’s start-


A K Khurana is the best book of Ophthalmology, it’s the gold standard book in 3rd-year MBBS. The book is concise, compact, and simple for understanding the Thermology for your UG preparation point and it is also sufficient for your theory and practical exam point of view. 

You can also choose the Parson Book as a reference point of view. It’s a foreign writer's book which is although not well organized as the previous one and made for PG preparation but covers some important topics such as Glaucoma gateway for better understanding and conceptualized knowledge. 

For practical I would like to prefer Practical Manual Ophthalmology by Reynold Lawyer book. It’s the best book for practical, viva. 

SOCH a book of Simplified Ophthalmology by Doctor Utsav Bansal, this book has well approached a comprehensive conceptualized understanding of the Thermology subject. By reading this book you will be able to understand Ophthalmology in a short duration of time. 

Essentials of Ophthalmology by Samar A Basak and Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology are also remarkable books that, when studied, are of aided benefits for students.

You can use Shekhar for MCQs in ophthalmology.

All these books are available on the AIBH website with exciting offers and great discounts. 

ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) 

P L Dhingra's book of Ear Nose and Throat has made ENT theory simple and easy to understand in 3rd-year MBBS students. The idea of the Rhinology subject is in very simple and understandable language. The diagrammatic approach and flowchart are concise approaches for ENT, this makes PL Dhingra the best book exams.

Mohan Bansal's book of Ear Nose and Throat is another important book for theory purpose exams. It’s a clinically oriented book because it has made an integrated approach for anatomical, pathological, and management kind of approach simple and smartly.

For practical exams, the Practical ENT book written by Vikash Sinha is considered the best book because this book has been made from a practical exam point of view. In this book, the instrumental approach and procedure approach is well covered for your proof exams and viva purpose.

For review purposes, you can use the EEE book written by Sachin Budhiraja.

Logan Turner’s Diseases of Nose Throat and Ear written by S. Musheer Hussain also serve as the purpose of the theory of ENT. It’s a classic textbook on diagnostics and management skills. Each chapter is well explained with references and suggestions.  

For the most affordable 3rd-year MBBS books with quick shipping and simple returns, visit the AIBH website.

Community Medicine 

The Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM) written by K. Parks is the gold standard book for your theory purpose exams. It is well approached by students and faculties. The book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language with an easy approach to preventive and social medicine subjects.

Along with this book, you can study Vivek Jain’s Review Book of Preventive And Social Medicine. It has MCQs with chapter-wise image-based explanations. Evidence-based medicine, meta-analysis, and systematic reviews are modern concepts all are present in this book. Reading both the books together will make you learn a simple, concise, and easily understandable recall-based subject.

Community Medicine With Recent Advances written by AH Suryakantha can be among the other best theory purpose books. The book has a comprehensive and clear presentation of the subject, obstetrics, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, and a variety of other general medicine. The book is student-friendly as it covers the entire syllabus and is written understandably. The simple language of the book gives pleasure reading experiences. 

IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine book gives more clarity on the subject. The book has enough examples, illustrations, and tables to keep learning interesting; this textbook is written in the clear, thorough language. The book emphasizes all subjects including the less important subjects. To make it logical and pertinent to contemporary demands, several more recent issues are addressed.

Textbooks of Preventive and Social medicine written by Mahajan and Gupta include epidemiology, infectious and non-infectious diseases, MCH and family planning, management, demographics and life statistics, disasters, biomedical waste management, food and nutrition, and immunity, senility, communication, etc. increase. The book has covered everything with examples and justification. This can be the key book for the MBBS examination's theory, practical, and viva. 

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Along with these books, there are many more books and revised or even combined editions of the books which we are not able to include here but we can assure you that the above-mentioned books are highly preferred and practiced books in most the medical universities and colleges.  

If you have any query you can ask here in the comment section we will be happy to resolve your queries.  




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