Which Book to Read in MBBS 1st Year?

By Gaurav
01 Jul, 2022

The first year of MBBS is full of excitement and enthusiasm in students as they have cleared their exams successfully. But along with this exciting career comes an unknown fear how will they study? Which book will help them and from where will they get the books? Especially for the students coming from a non-medical background.  

MBBS's first year is very crucial as the fundamentals and basic of your medical career is made in this year. 

But need not worry. Here we list the names of all the best books of the first year of MBBS. These books have also been recommended by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and will be of great help to first-year MBBS students in learning and understanding the subject and improving their grades on the exam.  

Before starting with the first-year MBBS books you need to know about the subjects of 1st-year MBBS. Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry are the three subjects of 1st-year MBBS, where Anatomy is further divided into general, gross, histology, embryology, and neural anatomy. There is no prescribed fixed syllabus like in schools, so you should read more and learn more. 

So let’s get started with books for first-year MBBS-  


  1. Gray’s Anatomy For Studentsby Henry Gray is the best 1st-year MBBS book for gross anatomy. All of the conceptual subjects are covered in this book, which is regarded as the industry standard for anatomy. It aids in your clear understanding of anatomy. It’s a gold standard book, the diagrams given in this book are of better quality and the whole learning is based on the pictorial approach. As a consequence, they tend to remember the concepts better and do better on exams.  
  2. BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy For Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Thorax, And Abdomen            

The most popular textbook used by Indian medical students for MBBS Gross Anatomy is BDC or BD Chaurasia. The language of the book is easy and simple which makes studying anatomy easy, convenient, and clear-cut. The information is mostly written in a bullet point format instead of paragraphs, which makes it simple to memorize and remember. There are a lot of exam-related details in this book. This book guarantees that you may earn the highest grade with the least amount of work.  

  1. Textbook of Anatomy by Vishram Singh 

Text Book of Anatomy by Vishram Singh is a complete set of three books combining and compiling everything about human anatomy. This is an advantage for students who are accustomed to studying guidebooks and other books by Indian writers. This book contains just the right amount of information that won't confuse you but provides enough information to ensure you have good commands with good marks.  

  1. Atlas For Human Anatomy by Netter 
    Diagrams are a big part of the anatomy. A reputable atlas will be quite helpful, especially when you first begin learning anatomy. Visualizing and connecting to the words is beneficial. The most widely used and best-selling atlas is Netters which gives better understanding of subject. 
  2. Clinical Anatomy by Snell 
    This book will not only help you succeed in the first medical exam in your life but will also help you prepare for the PG entrance exam and guide you through your career.  Visit the AIBH website for the most economical first-year MBBS books with rapid shipping and easy returns.   


  1. Guyton and Hall, Text of Medical Physiology (South Asian edition) 
    One of the most widely used and best-selling textbooks of physiology is Guyton and Hall. It's the finest in terms of the material It discusses complicated ideas in straightforward language that is simple to read and grasp. There is a specific edition designed to satisfy the demands of undergraduate (UG) medical students in South Asian nations like India (South Asia Edition) 
    Foundational knowledge of the subject is built by this book. The text is written, and it is supported by images. The language is easy and simple which helps the flow of the topic in an accessible manner. It's a fantastic book to spark a first-year medical student's interest in the field.  
  2. Textbook Of Physiology by A. K. Jain (set of 2 volumes) 
    Textbook of Physiology by A. K. Jain is also known as Bible among the 1st year MBBS books of physiology. Over 700 figures, 2000 multiple-choice questions, and more than 1000 study questions are included in this book. For a better understanding of clinical topics, several clinical images have been included.  
  3. Textbook of Medical Physiology by G K Pal 
    Textbook of Medical Physiology written by GK Pal is Compact and concise. Topics are written clear, simple, easy, and to the point  
  4. Textbook of Medical Physiology by D Venkatesh, H. H. Sudhakar 
    This book presents concise and complete insurance of the subject, with an emphasis on the implemented elements of physiology. The idea is defined in easy and clean language and is supported via way of means of several diagrams, flowcharts, and tables that make this 1st year's MBBS book easy to search and understand.    
    Visit the AIBH website to find the best year MBBS books at the best prices with fast shipping and easy returns.  


  1. CarbsProteins And Fat Metabolism By Satyanarayan 
    The descriptions given in this book about metabolic components are superior to those of any others on the market. The 1st year MBBS students can easily comprehend what is stated and replicate it in the test room just because of the diagrams provided. Another benefit of this book is how it is written, which is very helpful for students reading this 1st year's MBBS book of biochemistry.   
  2. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry 
    The most recent version of Harpers maintains its status as one of the greatest texts for biochemistry. This book for 1st-year MBBS in Biochemistry is unquestionably the most thorough book on biochemistry. The Amazing flowcharts and diagrams are given in this book to make things simple and easy. Removes all of your questions and contributes to your knowledge improvement. It is excellently written and also the greatest alternative for those who want to genuinely understand the material  
  3. Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students by D M Vasudevan 
    For building a solid foundation in biochemistry and developing strong test responses this book best. The text in this book is accompanied by clear flowcharts and illustrations, making it easy to grasp and remember for medical students. Thus making it the perfect book for examinations. An extra benefit is the key points that are summarized at the end of the book.  

All of these books are available on the AIBH website, along with enticing deals and discounts. All the above-mentioned books are written and proposed by previous year's medical students and practitioners. By studying these books you will have clear knowledge and understanding of the subject. For any information or query, you can directly ask in the comment section. Our team will be happy to answer your queries.  




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